Hi, my name is Alvaro and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for registering to be notified when I have new puppies available.

Even though we will know the number and colors available until the puppies are born, I would like to ask you few questions in this application to know beforehand what are your expectations for a new puppy. 

1.- Do you have any preference on male or female?
2.- What Color would you like? (Common colors: Fawn, Apricot) I don't expect any Brindle anytime 

Also, I would like to explain how I usually handle the process.

Everyone who has filled a questionnaire on my website will be notified before everyone else.

The price of the puppies will depend on which dog are the parents of that specific litter. Price ranges from $1800 - $2000 for AKC Pet registration (limited) and it will include:

• 1-2 year(s) health guarantee
• Finalized AKC registration (Usually pet registration)
• Age appropriate vaccines and deworming

Deposit is $300 (non refundable) and it's accepted online at any time or in person when the  
  puppies turn 6 weeks of age. 

  Most people choose to place their deposit online once I start putting up pictures on my website  
  and for that reason, I can’t guarantee which puppy will be available at any given time.

Visits to my location are welcome after the puppies are 6 weeks of age as a preventive                  measure to ensure the health of the puppies.

1- Have you done your research to make sure you know the implications of having a large breed 
     dog and the typical health issues you may find?

City & State:


Phone Number:

Color & Gender of Puppy you're interested in:
2- Where do you live?
If you rent, are you allowed to bring a Mastiff to the property?
3- Are there any kids in the same house where the puppy will live? If so, What Age(s)?
If you have younger kids, will you be willing to train your kids to respect your puppy?
4- Do you have other pets?

    What Type of Pet?​

    If so, do they have any behavior issue?
5- Please tell me 3 aspects on a puppy that would be priority for you?
    (Appearance, Size, Temperament, Color, Easy Coat Care, Agility, Quiet Companion, Friendly Attitude, Guard 

Dogs of any breed require a healthy social life, especially in their first year of life.
6- Within the next year, are you planning a trip where the puppy would be left alone for several days?
7- If so, would you have a plan in mind to take care of the dog while you’re out?
Mighty Mastiff reserves the right to refuse, deny or cancel the purchase of a puppy in case we find a reason to believe that the puppy is not a good fit for the family, or simply, if is not in the best interest of the puppy to leave for any reason, in which case, if a deposit was received BEFORE submitting this form, the deposit will be refunded in total.
Is everyone in the family aware of what it means to bring a puppy home?
In case there's no puppies available, Would you like to be contacted for future litters?

How long are you willing to wait for a puppy?   (date)
After submitting your application, you will be included in the group of people who will be contacted first when I have news about current or upcoming litters but not before. You don't need to do anything else to be taken in consideration for the upcoming litters.

Unless there was an error message, there's no need to verify if the application was received.

If you have questions or if you wish to contact me with any other requests, PLEASE FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

- Submit this form first and then you can contact me through an email to:  or through Text/call: (323) 825-1022
Please remember to mention your name on your text or email. • Copyright 2022
AKC Pet RegistrationAKC Full Registration
Yes, I have No I Haven't I have/had a mastiff
HomeCondoApartmentFarm like Property
YesI need to check
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