I'm proud to confirm to you the pregnancy of Darling
Puppies are on the Way!!
Hi! My name is Alvaro and I would like to share with you some good news:

As I promised, before I make a public announcement, I’m contacting everyone who has submitted a Puppy application on my website. At this point, no one has access to this information besides all of you:

I’m happy to inform you that we are expecting puppies by the last week of March (Yes, 2020!) and I’m so excited because this is a litter that has been long awaited for.

The parents will be Chief & Darling. Chief is a big and beautiful apricot weighing about 250 lbs and Darling is a Fawn with soft, short coat weighing about 150 lbs. Both have been genetically tested, and the results are available on my website where you can also see pictures of them.

The colors expected on this litter will be Fawn and Apricot and I’m sure these puppies will be amazingly beautiful.

The details on how I handle the reservation process and timeline are posted here on my website (Available Puppies Page)

If you’re interested in one of these puppies, please email me and confirm your interest.

For more information or for any question you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 
Thank you to all of you who have waited for months to be able to get one of these puppies!

Now you have the opportunity to bring one of these puppies home.