Loved at first sight

True to his name, he's indeed an Impressive apricot-brindle mastiff, he was born in 2012 right before my son was born (quite a challenge to raise 2 pups of different species ;)

He's 32.5" to the withers and he's fit structure give him the ability to stay active & full of energy most of the day. His normal weight is 200 lbs.
Don't let her appearance fool you! I would say that Cloe is like a Melon, Big & Bulky but also Sweet, also very smart. She's a beautiful Fawn, and was born in 2012 so, that makes her an adult..... at least physically! her soul is that of a puppy, playful, innocent & silly. She's a sweet heart.

She's 27" at the shoulders and has a fit body structure. Her normal weight is 145 lbs.
Mighty at 8 weeks of age
When I picked up Mighty from his mom, at 8 weeks of age
Mighty at 8 Weeks of age and I, enjoying the weather
Mighty at 8 Months
Cloe & Lola (Mother-Daughter)
Cloe 1 Year old
Darling loving the hugs at 4 Months old
Posing at 5 months Old
Darling at 5 Months
Darling with her favorite toy...The couch! She redesigned it
New Years Eve at 7 Months old
Darling at 7 Months Old
Darling at 8 Months Posing for the Pic
Darling  at 8 Months
Darling at 8 Months
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My Dogs
Chief is a very precious member of my family, he has earned that place. He is AKC CGC certified. His great temperament make him the center of attention everywhere we go, he loves when people pet him and usually returns the favor with his paw. He comes from European multi-generational champion bloodlines.

He is a very big apricot dog, 34 inches to the withers and weighing 240 lbs at 3 years of age.
A gorgeous fawn. Born on May 2014. She's very friendly with everyone and very spoiled. She's my baby and my shadow. She comes from international champions blood lines and from Greiner Hall grandparents. She loves to be snuggled all the time.

She is 28.5" to the shoulders and her normal weight is 145 lbs. Her structure is Fit and Slim.
Chief at 2.5 years old
Chief at 2.5 years old
Chief at 2.5 years old
Chief at 2.5 years old
Chief's 1st Birthday and training.... that's commitment!
Chief at 24 months old
Chief at 14 weeks old
Chief at 13 weeks old
Chief at 13 weeks old
Chief at 10 weeks old
Chief at 10 weeks old
Chief at 4 Weeks old
Chief at 4 weeks old
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