Before you place a deposit ($300), I would like to reiterate the following details:

• Once you place the deposit you will reserve a spot as one of the puppy parents of this litter, unless there are no puppies that match   your preferences, in which case, you can choose to receive a full refund of the deposit or leave the deposit for the next litter.

• Once they’re 6 weeks of age, I will be allowing the selection of puppies through pictures and videos but I will be providing my 
  recommendation based on what I see to match your expectations. (Dates subject to change due to government issued health      

• The Puppies will be 8 weeks old by May 18, which means they will be ready to go soon after that.
  We will have to make arrangements for pick up around that time, if you’re coming from out of state or driving a long distance, 
  contact me to make special arrangements, I can deliver a puppy for a fee, depending on the distance or I could book a flight if  
  that’s what you decide. We can go more in details about it as we go.

I’m excited about this litter, I pray everything goes smooth and I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Thank you for your trust!
Place you choose how to place the deposit:
Place Deposit
Please understand that this will be an agreement between myself and you and I will commit to reserve the puppies so, this deposit will be return ONLY under the circumstances mentioned on the paragraph above, but it WILL NOT be reimbursed in case of change of mind or any other change of circumstances.

By placing this deposit ($300), You acknowledge that: (1) You have read the disclosures mentioned above (2) This amount is non refundable and in case you change your mind for any reason, you will not be able to recover it. (3) You will be paying the remaining balance amount no later than the time of pick up. (4) In case you don’t show up on the agreed date and time without previously notifying Alvaro Hernandez (seller), within the following 36 hrs after that, you will loose your deposit and the puppy will be advertised as available once again.
If you want to use Zelle / Venmo
you can find me as:
Please contact me before or after placing the deposit so I can confirm the deposit.
To place a deposit using your Debit/Credit card, please use Paypal by clicking on the button below:
This deposit includes a $10.00 transaction fee charged by PayPal