Puppy Application - 2nd Stage
Please choose the characteristics of the desired puppy:
If in this litter we don't have what you're looking for, would you be willing to wait for the next litter? (5-7months):
 A big part of the development of a puppy is learning routines from their environment families and other animals in the house.  
  Sometimes they can develop unwanted behavior that can have a negative effect in the relationship we have with them.

  If that ever happens, do you have any plans on how to overcome those challenges?
  For example: Training by you or a professional
• Please tell me, how did you learned about this breed and, what is your experience with large breed dogs?
Due to the high volume of people interested in a puppy from this litter, I decided to create this 2nd step on the application process. Please don't feel discarded at all. I'm only doing this to make sure we find the right match for each puppy.

Once a person has been approved as a candidate the reservation process will be on a "first-come, first-served" basis but based only selected preferences.

For example, 4 candidates for each option:
4 for "Male Apricot"
4 for "Male Fawn"
4 for "Female Apricot"
4 for "Female Fawn"
4 for "Gender & Color Neutral"

These are the following steps on the selection process:

1- I will be selecting 15 - 20 prospect pet parents for this litter
2- Once selected, I will require a deposit to be counted on
3- Once the puppies are here, you will be notified on how many were born and If there are no puppies that match your 
    preferences or if there is not enough of them, you will receive a refund or if you prefer to leave a deposit for the next litter
    you will receive priority on the selection of those puppies.

After that, the process and terms will continue as mentioned on the "Available Puppies" page, here on my website.
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 If the need arises, are you financially ready to care and provide for a large breed dog?
   example: Teeth cleaning ($800+/-) or any other type medical care.
 Do you our your spouse have a stable job?
I know this may feel too personal but, I'm just trying to make sure that these puppies will be well taken care of and they will not be neglected if the financial situation changes at home...... I assume the kids will not be the first ones to go if that happens :)
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