Hello, I chose the name "Mighty Mastiff" in honor of my first mastiff, Mighty, I named him that because I knew he would be an impressive dog and I was right. He was born in 2012 and since then I started learning several aspects of owning a large breed dog, it's obviously not the same as having a small Chihuahua, but is definitely the best breed on the planet (in my opinion).

Cloe is Mighty's lady and our second dog, she's a beautiful Fawn, very smart and easy going with great temperament.

 In 2014 I was able to bring a new member to my family, Darling since then, she has become my spoiled shadow, she's very well balanced in temperament and physical proportions.

In 2016 I brought another furry member to my family, his name is "Chief" he's a great boy, very easy going and friendly to all. He's an import from Germany and a great looking dog.

   My dogs are part of our family and valued as such, they're the ones who enjoy our large property in Riverside, CA where we have a special area dedicated for them so they can feel safe, comfortable and very well protected from the elements, I believe that dog's nature makes them feel good in enclosed areas but I don't believe in cages or kennels. I don't breed dogs to satisfy demand but I only do it when is right and appropriate for my dogs and in search for a great candidate to continue my dog's bloodlines.

    My love for dogs started at a very young age, the first family dog I can remember was a mix of Chihuahua & Poodle, she was so smart and loyal. I've always thought that every dog deserves to be loved and respected as a family member, so I never paid attention to pedigrees or registrations, but over the years I've learned of the advantages of these two, they help a whole lot when you're trying to find sound and healthy puppies to add to your family. I also learned that many breeders don't really care for the health of their dogs and don't even bother to mention the health issues that their dogs suffer.

   I always keep close attention to my dogs, prevention is the name of the game that way, when you get a puppy from one of our litters, you can be sure to get a strong & healthy puppy. My family & I spend lots of time with every litter so they become well socialized and that gives me the opportunity to start potty training them very early in their lives and when they go to their forever homes, they're easy to train.
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